Ambassadors 2020

"We are therefore Christ's ambassadors"
2 Corinthians 5:20

Diocese of London

I want to be an ambassador representing Jesus Christ in my everyday life.


Being an ambassador

With the support of your church, ambassadors are encouraged to:

Pray for 7 people that you might share with them the story of your faith.


Grow as a disciple of Christ, through prayer, encountering the Bible, and by being part of a regular worshiping community.

Connect with the people and places of your week, engaging with the questions people are asking, and learning to apply the Gospel to their situations.

Live as salt and light in all areas of life: public and private, work and home.

Signing up to be an ambassador gives you access to resources including a 40 day prayer journey, and encouraging monthly messages. You can also read inspiring stories of other individuals around London who are on the ambassador journey!

How will you be part of the story?

Sign up as an ambassador representing Jesus Christ in your daily life

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Capital Vision 2020

Capital Vision 2020, the Diocese of London's vision for the next seven years, emerged from conversations with nearly 2,000 people. It was adopted by synod in March 2013 and launched in front of 2,000 people at St Paul's Cathedral in June 2013. Capital Vision comprises three major themes, with 10 specific areas in which we plan to be more purposeful and imaginative. For more information about Capital Vision visit the Diocese of London website.

Premier's mission is to enable people to place faith at the heart of daily life and bring Christ to their community. We are therefore delighted to partner with Capital Vision 2020 and the Diocese of London.

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